The institution is well prepared to handle and respond to gender sensitive issues. The principle of equality is followed by the teachers and the management alike. Special care is taken to avoid the any discrimination in allocation of duties to women students and usually mixed groups are constituted for different purposes and particularly leadership training is given to girls also. Sufficient number of women teachers is employed. 

Some of the activities of the Women Cell are –
 (a) Orient teachers to become aware of gender issues. 
 (b) Making teaching - learning process gender responsive
 (c) Providing insights into the social construction of gender roles for assigning different responsibilities to men and women. 

International Women's Day is being celebrated every year on 8th March. The active and inspiring women from the community are invited on this occasion. The inter sadan competitions of poster making, slogan writing, poem recitation, speech and drama are held on the theme of women empowerment. Each sadan is accompanied by a female teacher and pupil teacher’s representative. All the pupil -teachers of the institution participate in awareness and extension services concerned with gender sensitive issues. The pupil-teachers of the institution attend and participate in the workshop and competition organized by University of Rajasthan, Jaipur on issues related to gender sensitization. 

This institution gives priority to promote social responsibilities and citizenship roles among the students.